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Cash Offered $100

Months Remaining 1
Monthly Payment $
Additional Information -Unlimited calls, texts and Data within USA-Can make unlimited calls and texts to Canada and Mexico. -Also has Roaming, you can call/text unlimited when you are in Canada or Mexico and have 1 GB Data. -approved for 10 more lines-$50 Unlimited Plan - Unlimited Talk/Text/Data$0.00 Unlimited Plan MRC$50.00 TEP Plus(NY only,ins avail $9) - In New York only, standalone insurance availablefor $9$13.00 Mexico-Canada Unlimited Plus$5.00 Monthly Lease Charge $20.00Total with tax - about $100/month.
Peak Minutes Unlimited
Off-Peak Minutes Unlimited
Original Length of Contract 24
Contract Expiration Date 4/23/2017
Plan Posted On Cellswapper 9/24/2015
Last Updated On Cellswapper 8/16/2016
Carrier Allows Plan Changes Without Contract Extension. True

Phone Detail

Model iphone 6 64 GB
Condition Excellent
Phone Price Free with Plan
Accessories Included
points Charger
points Case
points Headset
points Phone
    Your Price:  Free
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    Dria (52759)
    30 Oct 2015 11:04 AM
    Hi I am very interested in this what is a good contact to reach you

    Brittany (52772)
    02 Nov 2015 05:51 PM
    Is this still available?

    amie (52797)
    11 Nov 2015 10:09 AM
    is this still available im interested

    Cynthia (54212)
    16 Aug 2016 08:20 AM
    still available?

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