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Months Remaining 1
Monthly Payment $
Additional Information We have 1 iphone 6 ( the big one) and a galaxy note 4. We stopped using that plan. My wife is a student and her school got us a plan for students. We don't need the plan nor phones. The contract ends around june of 2017.
Peak Minutes Unlimited
Off-Peak Minutes Unlimited
Original Length of Contract 24
Contract Expiration Date 4/29/2017
Plan Posted On Cellswapper 12/16/2016
Last Updated On Cellswapper 3/1/2017
Carrier Allows Plan Changes Without Contract Extension. True

Phone Detail

Model iphone 6
Condition Good
Phone Price Free with Plan
Accessories Included
points Case
points Phone
    Your Price:  Free
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    aaron (54321)
    18 Dec 2016 03:14 PM
    So is this 2 lines or 1

    Jammi (54372)
    01 Mar 2017 03:12 PM
    Hello do you still iphone available

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