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Months Remaining 1
Monthly Payment $
Additional Information
Peak Minutes Unlimited
Off-Peak Minutes Unlimited
Original Length of Contract 18
Contract Expiration Date 4/29/2017
Plan Posted On Cellswapper 2/13/2017
Last Updated On Cellswapper 3/16/2017
Carrier Allows Plan Changes Without Contract Extension. True

Phone Detail

Model galaxy s7 edge
Condition Excellent
Phone Price Free with Plan
Accessories Included
points Charger
points Case
points Phone
    Your Price:  Free
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    Kenny (54363)
    20 Feb 2017 01:17 PM
    Interested. Please leave your contact info

    Joseph (54374)
    03 Mar 2017 08:30 AM
    I have a sprint iphone 6 that i will trade

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