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Welcome Validas Members!

Cellswapper will not help you to get out of your unwanted contaract by finding an interesting buyer to take it over. The Process is fast, simple and approved by your specific carrier. Simply fill out the remaining details about your plan, select your posting reference and we will help you find buyer to take it over.

Describe the contract that you want to get out of. What carrier are you looking to transfer into?

  • Phone/Voice plan Internet/Data plan

Attract a buyer to take over your contract by offering your old phone/data plan and even a cash bonus.

Preview of your offer

Post your contract on Cellswapper to promote your plan and attract a buyer as soon as possible. For best results, remain online and logged in to your Cellswapper account to be eligible for Live Transfer as soon as a buyer is found.

  • 2 Power Posting

    One time fee of just $10.95. This option includes featured placement of your contract on the Plans page.

  • 1 Showcase Posting

    One time fee of $18.95. The fastest way to find a buyer. Exclusive homepage placement that gets maximum exposure.

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